An Ode to My Node

Written just prior to my leg surgery last month; as part of first-line defense in light of recent diagnosis with stage three malignant melanoma. Surgery called for a wide resection at the heel, complete removal of popliteal nodes at the knee and superficial as well as deep inguinal nodes of the thigh.

Chanukah, Festival of Light

Chanukah, Festival of Light

You have been with me all my life,
Through small booboos, sprains and stains,
You have served me well.
I pray for heavenly wisdom to restore harmony and balance in absence of my precious inguinal and popliteal nodes.
We must part ways but those that remain will know- they have been watching you and learning how and where.
With love and light I release you from your service and welcome renewed and stronger vitality, health and balance.
It is no coincidence that you depart in Chanukah. G-D’s miracles are with us daily and stronger in Chanukah. Chanukah means dedication; and I am dedicated to holding on to dear life.
May the miracle of the menorah and its light guide my surgeon, medical staff, pathologists and oncologist to speedily restore health and balance within this vessel.
Exist in peace in melanoma. Thank you for the lessons.
Ingui and Popli, you are miracles and that I felt you when I did is divine intervention. Thank you for calling to me. Rest in peace dear friends.
This vessel is to remain filled with love and light.


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